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UNE - Unbundled Network Elements (also known as UNE) are a requirement mandated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. They are the parts of the network that the ILECs are required to offer on an unbundled basis. Together, these parts make up a loop that connects to a DSLAM or a voice switch (or both). The loop allows non-facilities-based telecommunications providers to deliver service without laying network infrastructures (copper/fiber). UNE - Platform (UNE-P) - A combination of UNEs that allow end to end service delivery without ANY facilities. Depsite not involving any CLEC facilities, it still required facilities-based certification from the PUC to deliver services via UNE-P. Unbundling - Unbundling is the term used to describe the access provided by local exchange carriers so that other service providers may buy or lease portions of its network elements, such as interconnection loops, to serve subscribers. Universal Service - This term describes the financial support mechanisms that constitute a universal fund which helps compensate telephone companies or other communications entities for providing access to telecommunications services at reasonable and affordable rates throughout the country including rural, insular and high cost areas, and to public institutions. Universal Service Fund (USF) - Since telephone service provides a vital link to emergency services, to government services and to surrounding communities, it has been national policy to promote universal telephone service since the 1930's. USF makes phone service affordable to all Americans, including: consumers with low incomes; consumers who live in areas where the costs of providing telephone service is high; schools and libraries; and, rural health care providers. Uplink -The signal that carries information from an earth station source up to a satellite. Upload - To send a text file or software program via telecommunications to another computer (See Download). User Name - A short name (with no spaces allowed) unique to you on your Internet access provider's system. Sometimes these are assigned and sometimes you can select your own. The user name, or ID, followed by your site address, becomes your e-mail ad-dress

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