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Radio Common Carrier - Part of the domestic land mobile radio service. Signals are received and transmitted from mobile transmitters. Rate Center - A geographically specified are used for determining mileage and/or usage dependent rates in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Rate of Return Regulation - Rate of return regulation is analogous to a cost-plus contract. Local phone companies subject to the rate of return regulation are allowed to set rates up at an amount that recovers costs on a dollar-for dollar basis, plus a reasonable rate of return on the amounts invested. A rate of return is the specified percentage return a carrier is permitted to recover on its invested capital. Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) - Regional Bell operating company (RBOC) is a term describing one of the U.S. regional telephone companies (or their successors) that were created as a result of the breakup of American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T, known also as the Bell System or "Ma Bell") by a U.S. Federal Court consent decress on December 31, 1983. The seven original Bell operating companies were Ameritech (SBC), Bell Atlantic (Verizon), Bell South, NYNEX (Verizon), Pacific Bell (SBC), Southwestern Bell (SBC) and US WEST. Repeaters - In telecommunication networks, a repeater is a device that receives a signal on an electromagnetic or optical transmission medium, amplifies the signal, and then retransmits it along the next leg of the medium. Repeaters overcome the attenuation caused by free-space electromagnetic-field divergence or cable loss. A series of repeaters make possible the extension of a signal over a distance. Repeaters are used to interconnect segments in a local area network (LAN). They're also used to amplify and extend wide area network transmission on wire and wireless media. Because digital signals depend on the presence or absence of voltage, they tend to dissipate more quickly than analog signals and need more frequent repeating. Whereas analog signal amplifiers are spaced at 18,000 meter intervals, digital signal repeaters are typically placed at 2,000 to 6,000 meter intervals. Report & Order (R&O) - An FCC term - the FCC, after considering comments and reply comments to Notices of Inquiries (NOI) or Notices of Proposed Rule Makings (NPRM), may issue a Report & Order (ROI) amending the rules or deciding not to do so. Summaries of the R&Os are published on the Federal Register. Issuance of an R&O triggers a 30-day period for petitions for reconsideration. Resale - Sale of telecommunications services purchased from another carrier. Resale Carrier/Reseller - A carrier that does not own transmission facilities, but obtains communications services from another carrier for resale to the public for a profit. Right of Way - The surface of, and the space within, through, on, across, above, or below any public street, road, highway, freeway, lane, path, alley, court, sidewalk, boulevard, parkway, or drive and any other land dedicated or otherwise Designated for a compatible public use, which, on or after the bill' s effective date, is owned or controlled by a municipal corporation. It excludes a private easement. Router - Equipment used by service providers to "route" or direct packets over the Internet. Also used in provision of Digital Subscriber Loop Service (DSL).

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