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OC-3 - A fiber optic line capable of 155 megabits per second (155,000K). OC-48 - A fiber optic line capable of 2400 megabits per second (2,400,000K). Open Network Architecture (ONA) - An overall design of a regulated common carrier's basic network facilities and basic services that permits all vendors of basic or enhanced services (including the common carrier itself) to procure specific basic network functions and interfaces on an unbundled equal-access basis. Operations Support Systems (OSS) - Generally refers to the system (or systems) that perform management, inventory, engineering, planning and repair functions for communications service providers and their networks. Operator Service Provider (OSP) - A common carrier that provides services from public phones, including payphones and those in hotels/motels. Originating Carrier - A telecommunications carrier whose network or service is used by a customer to originate telecommunications traffic. An originating carrier may be a wireline or wireless carrier transmitting local telecommunications traffic or an interexchange carrier transmitting non-local telecommunications traffic.

ORBA is "Connecting Communities" Throughout Ohio

A consortium of independent telcos and CLECs working together, sharing knowledge and

commonalities to promote and serve rural areas of Ohio


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