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E911 Service - A method of routing 911 calls to a PSAP that uses customer location data in the ALI/DMS to determine the PSAP to which a call should be routed. See PSAP En Banc - An informal meeting held by the FCC to hear presentations on specific topics by diverse parties. The Commissioners, or other officials, question presenters and use their comments in considering FCC rules and policies on the subject matter under consideration. Enhanced Service Providers - A for-profit business that offers to transmit voice and data messages and simultaneously add value to the message it transmits. examples include telephone answering services, alarm/security companies and transaction processing companies. An enhanced service provider offers voice as well as data services. Equal Access - (1) Concept made into law by the 1984 Modified Final Judgment (MFJ) that all long distance carriers must have the same access to local facilities as AT&T enjoys. (2) Arrangement whereby the BOCs provide trunk-side connections to an end office, automatic number identification (ANI), answer supervision, dial pulse or DTMF signal recognition. (3) Process that permits customers to subscribe to the long distance carrier of their choice. Ex Parte - Any communication addressing the merits or outcome of a particular proceeding made to decision-making personnel, which, if written is not served on the parties to the proceeding or if oral, is made without opportunity for the parties to the proceeding to be present. In Ohio, a letter must be docketed to give a brief overview of the subjects discussed with the Commission. Exchange - (1) A room or building equipped so that telephone lines terminating there may be interconnected as required. Note: The equipment may include manual or automatic switching equipment. (2) In the telephone industry, a geographic area (such as a city and its environs) established by a regulated telephone company for the provision of local telephone services. (3) In the Modification and Final Judgement (MFJ) a local access and transport area (LATA). Exchange Area - A geographic area served by one or more central offices within which local telephone service is furnished under regulation. Exchange Message Record System (EMR) - Method used among LECs for exchanging telecommunications message information for billable, non-billable, sample, settlement and study data. Extended Area Service (EAS) - Extended Area Service (EAS) adds exchanges to the area customers can call on a toll-free basis or reduced rate basis in and around the community.

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