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BroadbandOhio Grant Program


BroadbandOhio's vision is to bring high-speed internet access to every Ohioan and build a state-of-the-art broadband network in Ohio.


HB 2 of the 134th General Assembly created the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant Program, signed into law by Governor DeWine on May 17, 2021. Round 1 of the program was just completed, awarding more than $232 million in grants to 11 internet service providers associated with 33 broadband expansion projects. These broadband projects will impact Ohioans in 31 counties. These grants are designed to help with infrastructure costs of the project and help build networks in areas that lack high-speed internet. The grants cover the "broadband funding gap", which is the difference between the total amount of money a broadband provider determines is necessary to construct the last mile of a particular network and the total amount of money that the provider has determined is the maximum amount of money for the provider to invest in last mile construction for the network. As part of the grant process, several providers also committed to independently fund 71 other broadband projects, impacting an additional 31 counties.  With these 104 new expansion projects, Broadband Ohio hopes that these efforts will help connect residents in unserved and underserved areas throughout the state with improved broadband so no longer will Ohioans be left behind.


The five member Broadband Expansion Program Authority received and reviewed applications and challenges and ultimately awarded the final grants.  Round 2, which could possibly have up to $300 million in grant monies for distribution is expected to kick-off soon after staff's review of the Round 1 process and suggest any necessary regulatory or legislative changes that may be necessary to proceed for future grant awards.


States Join FCC in Robocall Investigation Partnerships

The majority of states throughout the country, including Ohio, have partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in robocall investigations. The states involved to date have signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, to work together and establish information sharing and cooperation with the FCC to investigate and put an end to spoofing and robocall scam campaigns. These partnerships can provide critical resources for building cases against possible bad actors.

The FCC offers support and expertise to partnering states from its Enforcement Bureau staff as well as important resources to support state investigations.

ORBA is "Connecting Communities" Throughout Ohio

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commonalities to promote and serve rural areas of Ohio


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